Рыбинск, Russian Federation

The word Rybinsk means fishThe city is located at the edge of the Rybinsk Reservoir - the largest artificial body of water in Russia. It is a major port on the Volga River. It was the home of the Volga boatmen, who operated from Rybinsk to haul barges of wheat on the Volga and other rivers. It is compared with Chicago as one of the largest grain ports in the world. A beautiful statue of the boatmen graces the Rybinsk Waterfront. It became highly industrialized during and after World War II. It became home to one of Russia's largest atomic energy plants. Other industries were aircraft engines, boats, submarines, plastics, and electronics. It was a "closed city" for a number of years due to it's industry. The Tri-Cities Sister City group in 1991 was one of the first outside groups welcomed there. One of the largest prisons in Russia was nearby, filled with political dissenters, most of whom were intelligent and good looking people. When released, most stayed in the area, and contributed to an intelligent and good looking populace.

Rybinsk city